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Know the warning signs before your trees blow over

There are several types of tree damage that we can help prevent at Maximus Tree Works, but one of the least foreseeable is uprooted trees. Why do trees blow over? What conditions can you watch to ensure that your trees are strong enough to withstand the seasonal high winds and keep their roots firmly planted in the ground? Here are some things to keep in mind before monsoons, haboobs, hurricanes, and tornadoes start blowing around your area.

3 Things that cause trees to fall over

Trees can blow over for lots of different reasons, and the environment you live in can dictate the exact circumstances, so if you’re looking for information specific to your trees, wind, and soil, give us a call for more information. In general, the factors that cause trees to fall are:

  1. Heavy limbs & Canopy
  2. Sick or damaged trunks
  3. Shallow or weak roots

How heavy limbs and canopies can cause trees to blow over

Pruning trees annually is an important way to keep them healthy. Over the course of a year, your trees are going to experience some dead branches and damaged limbs, it will also probably experience some rapid growth to compensate for it. This results in a top-heavy tree with a lot of weak points for damage, pests, and insects to move in. Cleaning out the deadwood, and thinning out the canopy can help lighten up your trees and allow for airflow through the canopy when the high seasonal winds start blowing. This alone will make your tree stronger, healthier, and more beautiful.

How sick or damaged trunks can cause trees to blow over

If you have experienced damage to a limb or the trunk itself and haven’t taken precautionary measures, it could be setting your tree up for permanent damage. Broken off limbs can cause cracks, sickness, and insects to get in and spread throughout the trunk of your tree weakening it and making it more likely to break and kill the tree. If you’ve noticed some damage, it is usually possible to correct the problem and provide some structural support to get you through the season as your tree heals. Sometimes poor hydration alone can cause the trunk to become brittle. This is very common with queen palm trees and it is possible to correct before your windy season hitting.

How shallow or weak roots can cause trees to blow over

There are a lot of reasons trees blow over and are uprooted.

  • If the roots don’t have enough water
  • If the ground is saturated with water
  • If the roots are too new to the soil
  • If the roots are too shallow
  • If the roots depend on interweaving and don’t have support
  • If the ground has too much sand in the soil
  • If the ground has too much clay in the soil
  • If the canopy is too heavy for the size of the roots

It’s really important to know your trees, watch for damage, prune your trees annually, and make sure they’re getting the water and nutrients they need. You can see and have control over these things since the roots will not be as visible.


Contact Maximus Tree Works before the wind starts blowing to ensure that your trees are strong and healthy all year long.

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